1610 - 1615

Opening remarks
Liam Paull

1615 - 1630

Invited talk - Theme 1 (Legal)
Bryant Walker Smith

1630 - 1643

Panel - Theme 1 (Legal)
Angela Schoellig

1643 - 1658

Invited Talk - Theme 2 (Risk)
Anne Collin

1658 - 1711

Panel - Theme 2 (Risk)
Claire Tomlin

1711 - 1726

Invited talk - Theme 3 (Ethics)
Julian de Freitas

Abstract - Should self-driving vehicles be prejudiced, e.g., deliberately harm the elderly over young children? When people make such forced-choices on the vehicle’s behalf, they exhibit systematic preferences (e.g., favor young children), yet when their options are unconstrained they favor egalitarianism. So, which of these response patterns should guide AV programming and policy? We argue that this debate is missing the public reaction most likely to threaten the industry’s life-saving potential - moral outrage. We find that people are more outraged by AVs that kill discriminately than indiscriminately. Crucially, they are even more outraged by an AV that deliberately kills a less preferred group (e.g., an elderly person over a child) than by one that indiscriminately kills a more preferred group (e.g., a child). Thus, at least insofar as the public is concerned, there may be more reason to depict and program AVs as egalitarian.

1726 - 1739

Panel - Theme 3 (Ethics)
Andrea Censi

1739 - 1754

Invited Talk - Theme 4 (Safety)
Kevin Gay

Abstract - Aurora has adopted a safety case-based approach because we believe that it is the most logical and efficient manner to show and explain how Aurora determines that our self-driving vehicles are acceptably safe to operate on public roads. This talk will provide context and insight about our process and intentions for applying our Safety Case Framework, including how we tailor specific safety cases based on the product and operations. In addition, this presentation will also cover the role that Safety Performance Indicators play in helping to establish the validity of our specific safety cases as well as throughout our development and testing processes.

1754 - 1807

Panel - Theme 4 (Safety)
Jane Lappin

1807 - 1810

Closing Remarks
Matthew Walter