The Robotics and Embodied AI Lab and Mila are hosting the Winter 2021 edition of robot learning seminar series; a set of virtual talks by researchers in this field. Seminars usually take place at 1600 hrs Eastern time on Fridays and are streamed on our YouTube channel.

We have an exciting lineup of speakers for this newest edition of the seminar series! Follow us on Twitter for more.

Calendar: Our schedule is also available as a Google calendar here.


Talk title


YouTube link

Probabilistic Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
15 January 2021
1600 hrs EST

Animesh Garg
Assistant professor
University of Toronto
Senior research scientist
Building blocks of Generalizable Autonomy in Robotics
5 February 2021
1600 hrs EST

Safe Real-World Autonomy in Uncertain and Unstructured Environments
12 February 2021
1600 hrs EST

Georgia Chalvatzaki
Postdoctoral researcher
TU Darmstadt
Robot Learning for Intelligent Robotic Assistants
19 February 2021
1600 hrs EST

Robots that learn to generalize beyond training
5 March 2021
1600 hrs EST

Pulkit Agrawal
Assistant professor
Self-Supervised Robot Learning
12 March 2021
1200 hrs EDT

Lilian Weng
Research scientist
The power of diverse training environments for solving robotic manipulation tasks
19 March 2021
1200 hrs EDT

Kelsey Allen
Research scientist
The power of structured action and dynamics models
26 March 2021
1200 hrs EDT

3D simulation for embodied AI - Three emerging directions
9 April 2021
1200 hrs EDT

Jiajun Wu
Assistant professor
Stanford University
Learning to see the physical world
16 April 2021
1300 hrs EDT